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Collection specimens Popular

Specimen records from the Natural History Museum's collection
Natural History Museum Collections Creative Commons CC0 1.0

Index Lot collection Popular

Index Lot records from the Natural History Museum's collection
Natural History Museum Collections Creative Commons CC0 1.0

Artefacts Popular

Cultural and historical artefacts from The Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum Collections Creative Commons CC0 1.0

Next-generation mitogenomics: A comparison of approaches applied to caecilian...

Seychelles caecilian mitogenome alignments and phylogenetic trees: Maddock ST, Briscoe AG, Wilkinson M, Waeschenbach A, San Mauro D, Day JJ, Littlewood DTJ, Foster PG, Nussbaum...
Maddock ST; Briscoe AG; Wilkinson M; Waeschenbach A et al. Research License Not Specified

Coral reef imagery by Eileen Graham of Jamaica in the 1960s Popular

This is a collection of 1481 images that were made by Eileen Graham between 1966 and 1968 showing coral reefs from the northern coast of Jamaica. Most of the image were made of...
Kenneth Johnson Library and archives Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Recent and Eocene planktonic foraminiferal diversity

Two datasets containing multiple diversity metrics of planktonic foraminifera. Recent data is from MARGO; Eocene data is from NEPTUNE, supplemented by literature searches. These...
Isabel Fenton Research Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0


Circuit board designs for the NightLife project to create a cheap, robust and open hardware LED light trap for aquatic insects.
Ed Baker Research Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Some Useful Equations and Tables for the Digitisation of Taped Sound Collections

This document contains conversion tables and equations that have been useful while digitising the Natural History Museum’s collection of recorded wildlife sound as part of the...
Ed Baker Collections Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Eggplant gap analysis data

This dataset is is a csv file of occurrence data from museum/herbarium and germplasm banks used to analyze gaps in collection and representation of eggplant (_Solanum...
Nora Castañeda-Álvarez Research Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0

BioAcoustica: Talks: International Congress Entomology

Recorded talks from ICE
Ed Baker Collections License Not Specified

The mangrove reactor: fast clay transformation and potassium sink

Data from 3 Brazilian mangroves (Braganca, Santa Cruz, Cananeia) used calculate the rate of reactions transforming kaolinite into Fe-illite in these mangroves.
Javier Cuadros + Gabriel Andrade, Pablo Vidal-Torrado Research Other (Open)

Tropical Asian spiny solanums (2016)

Static dataset of species identities and coordinates for specimens used to create Figure 2 in Aubriot et al. (see Abstract and publication details below). Data presented here...
Xavier Aubriot Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0

Solanum section Aculeigerum Popular

Collections used in the preparation of the publication of a taxonomic revision of Solanum section Aculeigerum. The data are presented in two formats: 1) a static pdf file of an...
Sandra Knapp Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0


Specimen data from the ABYSSLINE project for the Natural History Museum biodiversity survey of the UK-1 polymetallic nodule exploration claim zone, central Pacific abyss.
Adrian Glover Research Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0


Hymenoptera parasites of the Phasmida (stick insects)
Ed Baker Research Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Burrow casts of the mole cricket genus Gryllotalpa Latreille, 1802

3D scans of the burrows of Gryllotalpa vineae Bennet-Clark, 1970 and Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa (Linnaeus, 1758).
Ed Baker Collections Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

Coeliccia micro-CT

micro-CT raw data from Coeliccia scutellum scutellum, Coeliccia scutellum hainanense, Coeliccia pyriformis and Coeliccia cyanomelas
Philip Steinhoff Research License Not Specified

BioAcoustica Popular

A worldwide collection of scientific recordings of animal sounds from the Natural History Museum and our collaborators.
Ed Baker, Benjamin Price & BioAcoustica Contributors Research License Not Specified

The phylogeny of the digenean family Opecoelidae Ozaki, 1925: molecular phylo...

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Bray RA, Cribb TH, Littlewood DTJ, Waeschenbach A Research License Not Specified

Specimens of the Dulcamaroid Clade of Solanum

This dataset is a static xls file of all specimens examined for the publication below. These data are updated on the web resource Solanaceae Source (
Sandra Knapp Collections Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0

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