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Collection specimens

Specimen records from the Natural History Museum's collection
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Natural History Museum Collections CC0-1.0

Wallace and Banks drawers

Drawer-level images of specimens in the Wallace and Banks collections held by the Natural History Museum, London.
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Sue Ryder Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The Biodiversity Intactness Index - country, region and global-level summarie...

Using the PREDICTS database of local biodiversity measures at thousands of sites around the world, we statistically modelled how total abundance of organisms and compositional...
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Helen Phillips; Adriana De Palma; Ricardo E Gonzalez; Sara Contu et al. Research Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

Unprecedented frequency of mitochondrial introns in colonial bilaterians

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Helen L Jenkins; Rachael Graham; Andrea Hall; Joanne S Porter et al. Research

Linnaeus's Butterfly Type Specimens

Introduction This image database is intended primarily for taxonomists and other researchers, but the historical importance of the specimens portrayed is such that we hope they...
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Martin Honey; Malcolm J Scoble Research Creative Commons Attribution

Data from Labisko et al. - Sooglossus adaptation

How will organisms cope when forced into warmer-than-preferred thermal environments? This is a key question facing our ability to monitor and manage biota as average annual...
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J Labisko; Nancy Bunbury; Richard Griffiths; Jim Groombridge et al. Research Open Data Commons Attribution License


Data from the NATRICINE project led by V.Deepak (, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action. This data has been used in several papers: Multilocus...
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Veerappan Deepak; Natalie Cooper; David J Gower Research Creative Commons Attribution

Annual country-level summaries of BII and land use (2001-2012) for tropical a...

Here we provide machine-readable (csv files) and human readable (pdf files) tables of country, subregion and region averages for the Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) and land...
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Adriana De Palma; Andrew Hoskins; Ricardo E Gonzalez; Luca Borger et al. Research Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)


mtDNA alignments and p-distances
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F L Sampaio; S Narayanan; V P Cyriac; G Venu; David J Gower Research Creative Commons Attribution

Data from Barrientos et al. - Terraranan UCEs - Systematics and Biodiversity

Terraranae is a large clade of New World direct-developing frogs that includes 3–5 families and >1,100 described species (~15% of all named frog species). The relationships...
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Lucas Barrientos; Jeffrey Streicher; Elizabeth Miller; Marcio Pie; John Wiens; Andrew Crawford Research Creative Commons Attribution

Unexpected trans-Tasman species diversity of the bryozoan family Horneridae (...

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Andrea Waeschenbach Research

ALICE test images

Images used to test different software pipelines for label extraction.
Benjamin Price; Steen Dupont; Louise Allan; Vladimir Blagoderov et al. Collections Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

"Join the dots" collections assessment exercise

The files submitted here form the backbone to a 2018 collections assessment exercise at the Natural History Museum and support a methodology paper submitted to Museum Management...
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Giles Miller Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Disporella guada sp. nov., an erect rectangulate cyclostome (Bryozoa, Stenola...

The taxonomy of cyclostome bryozoans is founded on characters of the calcitic skeleton, but molecular sequence data has increasingly shown that established higher taxa are not...
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Natural History Museum Research License not specified


Phylogenetic datasets
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Varad B Giri; David J Gower; Abhijit Das; Hmar Tlawmte Lalremsanga et al. Research License not specified


DNA sequence alignments
Abhijit Das; David J Gower; Veerappan Deepak Research Creative Commons Attribution


DNA sequence alignment
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Veerappan Deepak Research Creative Commons Attribution


Alignments of DNA sequence data used in phylogenetic analysis
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Veerappan Deepak; Sara Ruane; David J Gower Research License not specified


DNA sequence alignments
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Veerappan Deepak Research Creative Commons Attribution

Lepidosaur bite-force data

Data from paper: Comparative analyses of bite-force among lepidosaurs. DOI to be added Justin E Isip, Marc EH Jones and Natalie Cooper. 2021. Comparative analyses of bite-force...
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Justin E Isip; Marc EH Jones; Natalie Cooper Research Creative Commons Attribution

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