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Hymenoptera parasites of the Phasmida (stick insects)
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Ed Baker Research CC-BY-4.0

NHM Interactions Bank

A combined ecological interactions dataset from various projects at the Natural History Museum, London. The data is aggregated from a number of individual projects hosted in the...
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Ed Baker; Ian J. Kitching; George W. Beccaloni; Amoret Whitaker et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution

Burrow casts of the mole cricket genus Gryllotalpa Latreille, 1802

3D scans of the burrows of Gryllotalpa vineae Bennet-Clark, 1970 and Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa (Linnaeus, 1758).
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Ed Baker Collections CC-BY-NC-4.0

Some Useful Equations and Tables for the Digitisation of Taped Sound Collections

This document contains conversion tables and equations that have been useful while digitising the Natural History Museum’s collection of recorded wildlife sound as part of the...
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Ed Baker Collections CC-BY-4.0

BioAcoustica: Talks: International Congress Entomology

Recorded talks from ICE
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Ed Baker Collections CC-BY-4.0


A worldwide collection of scientific recordings of animal sounds from the Natural History Museum and our collaborators.
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Ed Baker, Benjamin Price & BioAcoustica Contributors Research License not specified

BioAcoustica: Talks: Insect Natural History

Recordings of the Insect Natural History lecture series by the Department of Entomology, Natural History Museum. Recordings held by the Natural History Museum Sound Archive....
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Ed Baker CC-BY-SA-4.0

BioAcoustica: Talks: Frederick W. Edwards Annual Lectures

Recordings of the annual Frederick W. Edwards Lecture held by the Natural History Museum Sound Archive. Digitised by the BioAcoustica project.
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Ed Baker CC-BY-SA-4.0

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