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Natural History Museum Research License not specified

Survival of climate warming through niche shifts: Evidence from frogs on trop...

How will organisms cope when forced into warmer-than-preferred thermal environments? This is a key question facing our ability to monitor and manage biota as average annual...
J Labisko; Nancy Bunbury; Richard Griffiths; Jim Groombridge et al. Research Open Data Commons Attribution License


mtDNA alignments and p-distances
F L Sampaio; S Narayanan; V P Cyriac; G Venu; David J Gower Research Creative Commons Attribution


DNA sequence alignments; AFLP data; Morphological data; Mantel tests R script and matrices; BEAST xml files
Simon Maddock; RA A Nussbaum; Julie Day; L Latta et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution


Uropeltidae mtDNA alignments and morphological data
V J Jins; F L Sampaio; David J Gower Research License not specified

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