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Butterflies and Moths of the World

There are currently an estimated 112,000 to 165,000 described species of butterflies and moths (Scoble, 1999) in nearly 24,000 available and objective replacement genus-group...
Natural History Museum; Brian Pitkin; Paul Jenkins Collections Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Hans Sloane's Collection of Vegetables and Vegetable Substances

Hans Sloane’s Collection of Vegetables and Vegetable Substances originally consisted of 12,523 botanical specimens, most housed in small glass and wooden boxes. Sealed inside...
Victoria Pickering; Charles Jarvis; Mark Carine Research Creative Commons Attribution

NHM Bird Collection Type Specimens

Summary Search and browse the bird type specimens held in the collection of the Natural History Museum, or download and re-use the dataset describing the NHM's bird holotypes,...
Natural History Museum; Natural History Museum; Rachel L. M. Warren; C. J. O. Harrison et al. Collections Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles - Data

An Excel spreadsheet containing the current scientific names & codes from the "Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles" by Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford. This has...
David Agassiz; S D Beavan; Robert J Heckford Citizen Science CC-BY-SA-4.0

Bound Volumes and Exsiccatae in the Botanical Collections at the Natural Hist...

This dataset provides an overview of the bound volumes and exsiccatae preserved in the botanical collections of the Natural History Museum. For each of the 1320 items accounted...
Norbert Holstein; Mark Carine; Edgley Cesar; Len Ellis et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Arabic and Persian plant names in the Codex Vindobonensis

The Codex Vindobonensis Med. GR. 1 Der Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek (sometimes referred to as the Juliana Anicia codex and hereafter referred to as ‘The Codex’) is a...
Hanouf Al-Alawi; John Hunnex Research Creative Commons Attribution

Ecology drives patterns of spectral transmission in the ocular lenses of frog...

The spectral characteristics of vertebrate ocular lenses affect the image of the world that is projected onto the retina, and thus help shape diverse visual capabilities. Here,...
Kate N Thomas; David J Gower; Jeffrey Streicher; Rayna C Bell et al. Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Survival of climate warming through niche shifts: Evidence from frogs on trop...

How will organisms cope when forced into warmer-than-preferred thermal environments? This is a key question facing our ability to monitor and manage biota as average annual...
J Labisko; Nancy Bunbury; Richard Griffiths; Jim Groombridge et al. Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Amphibian taxonomy: early 21st century case studies

These are data files associated with the editorial for 'Amphibian taxonomy: Early 21st century case studies' in Journal of Natural History (Streicher et al. 2020). In this...
Jeffrey Streicher; Rowland Sadler; Simon Loader Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Darwin's Fossil Mammals

View and interact with this this Toxodon cranium model on Sketchfab 3D scans of fossil mammal specimens collected by Charles Darwin on the Voyage of the Beagle. The initial...
Philippa Brewer; Kaitlyn Burton; Adrian Lister; Amy Scott-Murray et al. Collections Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

Keys to African Solanum

Knapp S. Vorontsova MS, Särkinen T. (2019) Dichotomous keys to the species of Solanum L. (Solanaceae) in continental Africa, Madagascar (incl. the islands of Réunion, the...
Sandra Knapp Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

Psylloidea phylogenomics

Resolving the psyllid tree of life and understanding evolutionary relationships in the superfamily Psylloidea is challenging due to the lack of clear morphological...
Diana Percy Research Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)

Al Sabouni et al Reproducibility

The data required to run the analyses in Al Sabouni et al "Reproducibility of species recognition in modern planktonic foraminifera and its implications for measures of...
Isabel Fenton Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Insect Pollinators Archive

An up to date dataset of the Insect Pollinators Initiative, A multi-institution initiative with the NHM, BBSRC and The University of Edinburgh. The archive is held at the...
Graham N Stone; Alfried Vogler; Adam Vanbergen; Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds Research Creative Commons Attribution

Ocean Bottom Deposits Collection

The Ocean Bottom Deposits Collection contains over 28,000 items derived from sea floor sediment collections. These include sediment residues in tubes/bottles/jars, hand...
Giles Miller Collections License not specified

Fenton et al Reproducibility

The data required to run the analyses in Fenton et al "Factors affecting consistency and accuracy in identifying modern macroperforate planktonic foraminifera".
Isabel Fenton Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Robin Whatley's type and figured ostracods at the NHM

This is a list of papers on ostracods authored by Prof. Robin Whatley that contain reference to specimens housed at the Natural History Museum. The list was compiled as...
Giles Miller Collections CC-BY-SA-4.0

Cicadas of India

Data supporting: Price B, Allan E, Marathe K, Sarkar V, Simon C, Kunte K (2016) The cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka: an...
Benjamin Price; Louise Allan; Kiran Marathe; V Sarkar; Chris Simon; K Kunte Research CC-BY-4.0

Bluebell Survey 2012

Data from the 2012 Natural History Museum Bluebell Survey - a citizen science recording project.
Lucy Robinson License not specified


Circuit board designs for the NightLife project to create a cheap, robust and open hardware LED light trap for aquatic insects, and raw data from the NightLife publication.
Edward Baker; Benjamin Price Research CC-BY-4.0

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