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Unexpected trans-Tasman species diversity of the bryozoan family Horneridae (...

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Andrea Waeschenbach Research


Fifteen taxa were found in a comprehensive study of British Silurian stromatoporoids using new and museum samples. The approach towards systematics adopted here is to accept...
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Stephen Kershaw; Consuelo Sendino; Anne-Christine da Silva Research Creative Commons Attribution


DarwinCore Archive of species occurrence data to support the publication: Neal L, Linse K, Brasier MJ, Sherlock E, Glover AG (2017). Comparative marine biodiversity and depth...
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Adrian Glover; Lenka Neal Research License not specified

Exploring the shell-based taxonomy of the Sri Lankan land snail Corilla H. an...

Dataset: four concatenated alignment (including indels) of three mitochondrial genes (CO1, ND1 and 16S rRNA) for the Sri Lankan land snail Corilla (Pulmonata: Corillidae)....
Dinarzarde Raheem; Karin Breugelmans; Christopher Wade; Fred C Naggs; Thierry Backeljau Research License not specified

Robin Whatley's type and figured ostracods at the NHM

This is a list of papers on ostracods authored by Prof. Robin Whatley that contain reference to specimens housed at the Natural History Museum. The list was compiled as...
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Giles Miller Collections CC-BY-SA-4.0

The White-Files

Taxonomic checklist of the world’s whiteflies (Insecta: Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)
David Ouvrard; Jon H Martin Research License not specified


Psyl'list is an online database dedicated to jumping plant lice. The aim of this ongoing project was originally to make up for the absence of a world catalogue for Psylloidea,...
David Ouvrard Research License not specified

A bibliography for the taxonomy of extant and extinct Scleractinia

The bibliography includes works concerning the nomenclature and taxonomy of Scleractinia, in particular those containing acts of nomenclature. The list is compiled as part of...
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Danwei Huang; Ann Budd; Kenneth Johnson Research CC0-1.0

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