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herbarium specimens


Malvales Digitisation

The Malvales collection comprises the records of all the sheet-mounted material at the Natural History Museum, London at the time of project completion (June 2022). Each...
Peter Wing; Krisztina Lohonya; Phaedra Kokkini; Nicola Lowndes et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Wheat Through the Ages

The project entailed to stub-record, image and transcribe all of the Triticeae tribe from General Herbarium, British & Irish Herbarium and Percival Collection at the Natural...
Larissa Welton; Krisztina Lohonya; Krisztina Lohonya; Krisztina Lohonya et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Plants of South Asia

The Plants of South Asia dataset comprises details of herbarium specimens from the South Asian region and includes botanical specimens Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives,...
Jovita Yesilyurt; Shyam Biswa; Mark Carine; Felipe Dominguez Santana et al. Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Peruvian herbarium data for accurate IUCN threat assessments

Data downloaded from Solanaceae Source and the Begonia Resource Centre for use in analyses in the following paper: Delves, J. et al. (in preparation) Small and in-country...
Sandra Knapp; Peter Moonlight; Tiina Särkinen Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

The herbarium specimens collected by Alexander Anderson (1748 – 1811)

Alexander Anderson, a Scottish surgeonand botanist, served as superintendent at the St. Vincent Botanical Garden, which was established in 1765 and was the first Botanical...
Jovita C. Yesilyurt; Christina Welch Research Creative Commons Attribution

Clifford Herbarium

The herbarium contains over 3,000 specimens collected by George Clifford (1685-1760), a wealthy Anglo-Dutch merchant. The Herbarium includes plants that were newly cultivated...
Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified

African spiny Solanum

Specimen data used in the revision African spiny Solanum species for the publication by Vorontsova MS and Knapp S (2016) A revision of the "spiny solanums", Solanum subgenus...
Sandra Knapp Collections ODbL-1.0

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