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Phylogeny of terraranan frogs based on 2,665 loci and impacts of missing data...

Terraranae is a large clade of New World direct-developing frogs that includes 3–5 families and >1,100 described species (∼15% of all named frog species). The relationships...
Lucas Barrientos; Jeffrey Streicher; Elizabeth Miller; Marcio Pie; John Wiens; Andrew Crawford Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Analysis of ultraconserved elements supports African origins of narrow-mouthe...

Narrow-mouthed frogs (Anura: Microhylidae) are globally distributed and molecular data suggest the rapid evolution of multiple subfamilies shortly after their origin. Despite...
Jeffrey Streicher; Simon Loader; Andrea Varela-Jaramillo; Paola Montoya; Rafael Omar de Sá Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Solanum phylogenomics dataset

Supporting sequence and alignment data for the publication Gagnon E, Hilgenhof R, Orejuela A, McDonnell A, Sablok G, Aubriot X, Giacomin L, Gouvêa Y, Bragonis T, Stehmann JR,...
Edeline Gagnon; Rebecca Hilgenhof; Andrés Orejuela; Angela McDonnell et al. Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Psylloidea phylogenomics

Resolving the psyllid tree of life and understanding evolutionary relationships in the superfamily Psylloidea is challenging due to the lack of clear morphological...
Diana Percy Research Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)

Eggplant wild relative plastome phylogeny

The data set comprises the original data files and scripts used to generate analyses in the publication Aubriot X, Knapp S, Syfert MM, Poczai P, Buerki S (2018) Shedding new...
Xavier Aubriot Research Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

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