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Number: 13364.0
Author: Illiger
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Heros
Journal: Mag. Insektenk.
Year: 1801
Homonym Count: 1.0
Page: 199
Part: (1/2)
Ref Id: 2901.0
Series: (Illiger)
Status: Unavailable name
Subfamily: Morphinae
Subtribe: Brassolina
Superfamily: Papilionoidea
Tribe: Brassolini
Volume: 1
Senior Syn: CALIGO
Senior Syn Author: Hübner
Senior Syn Page: 51
Senior Syn Year: 1819
Memo Links: ['', '', '', '']
Memo: Hemming (1967) stated:- The so-called name Heros is a ghost name, never having been published as a genus-group name. The word "Heros" was used by Illiger in the style of XVIIIth century writers as a term to denote a group of species within the genus Papilio Linnaeus. So published, the word Heros is a member of the class of terms which were rejected as possessing no status in zoological nomenclature by the Commission in its Opinion 124 published in 1936 (Smithson. miscell. Coll. 73, No. 4 : 1-2 ; republished in facsimile in 1958, Opin. int. Comm. zool. Nom. 1 (B) : 465-466). The reputed name Heros Illiger is mentioned here only to forestall any risk of misunderstanding arising from the action of Gaede in 1932 (in Strand's Lep. Cat. 50 : 78) in stating that this was the name of a subgenus established by Illiger, which (as already explained) is not the case. If in fact Illiger had established a subgenus named Heros, the type-species of that subgenus would by monotypy have been the nominal species Papilio beltrao Illiger, 1802 (loc. cit. 1 : 199), the sole species which Illiger established with the term "Heros". If there had been such a name as Heros Illiger, 1802, it would from the taxonomic point of view have been a senior subjective synonym of Caligo Hübner [1819]. The higher classification used here follows Lamas (2008).

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License Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
Dataset buttmoth
Dataset ID f8bc9b9c-009a-4689-bd01-ed621095c457
Resource Butterflies and Moths of the World
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