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PV OR 40631

Scientific name: Deinotherium giganteum (Kaup, 1829)
Author: (Kaup, 1829)
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Proboscidea
Family: Deinotheriidae
Genus: Deinotherium
Species: giganteum
Higher classification: Animalia; Chordata; Vertebrata; Mammalia; Proboscidea; Deinotheriidae
Locality: Hessen - Darmstadt; Parish: Eppelsheim
Country: Germany
Continent: Europe
Higher geography: Europe; Germany
Names Types FiledAs
Deinotherium giganteum (Kaup, 1829)
Catalogue number: PV OR 40631
Collection code: PAL ( Palaeontology)
Sub department: Vertebrates
Other catalog numbers: NHMUK:ecatalogue:2227634
Collection kind: Mammals
Catalogue description: The cranium and CAST of a mandible (fig'd)
Earliest eon/lowest eonothem: Phanerozoic
Latest eon/highest eonothem: Phanerozoic
Earliest era/lowest erathem: Cenozoic
Latest era/highest erathem: Cenozoic
Earliest period/lowest system: Neogene
Latest period/highest system: Neogene
Earliest epoch/lowest series: Miocene
Latest epoch/highest series: Miocene
Chronostratigraphy: Neogene, Miocene
Occurrence ID: d3426468-9f17-4a37-9b62-e3d9cd14a9b2
Modified: 2018-07-19 10:17:04 (UTC)
Created: 2011-07-07 13:42:12 (UTC)


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Additional Information

Created 2011-07-07 13:42:12 (UTC)
Last updated 2018-07-19 10:17:04 (UTC)
Format dwc
License CC0-1.0
Dataset collection-specimens
Dataset ID 56e711e6-c847-4f99-915a-6894bb5c5dea
Resource Specimens
Resource ID 05ff2255-c38a-40c9-b657-4ccb55ab2feb