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Identification details According to GBIF Backbone Taxonomy
Identified as species Bejaria resinosa L.f.
Taxonomic classification Plantae Tracheophyta Magnoliopsida Ericaceae Bejaria
Occurrence details
Recorded by Jean Jules Linden
Date recorded 1842-01-01T00:00:00
Record number 773
Country Colombia
Coordinates -73.073369, 3.901155
Geographic classification SOUTH AMERICA Colombia
Data Quality Issues
Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Indicating that the interpreted coordinates assume they are based on WGS84 datum as the datum was either not indicated or interpretable.
GBIF Publication details
Last interpreted September 20, 2019
Occurrence 1055574541
Dataset Dataset
Publisher Natural History Museum

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Dataset collection-specimens
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Resource Specimens
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