GBIF interpreted record

Identification details According to GBIF Backbone Taxonomy
Identified as species Coptotettix interruptus I.Bolívar, 1887
Taxonomic classification Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Tetrigidae Coptotettix
Country Malaysia
Coordinates 109.7064, 3.7943
Geographic classification ASIA Malaysia
Data Quality Issues
Coordinate rounded Original coordinate modified by rounding to 5 decimals.
Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Indicating that the interpreted coordinates assume they are based on WGS84 datum as the datum was either not indicated or interpretable.
Country coordinate mismatch The interpreted occurrence coordinates fall outside of the indicated country.
GBIF Publication details
Last interpreted August 06, 2020
Occurrence 1826419861
Cluster Cluster (this is an experimental feature that highlights possible duplicates and related occurrences)
Dataset Dataset
Publisher Natural History Museum

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Additional Information

Created 2018-01-29 09:47:37 (UTC)
Last updated 2018-05-14 15:17:51 (UTC)
Format dwc
License CC0-1.0
Dataset collection-specimens
Dataset ID 56e711e6-c847-4f99-915a-6894bb5c5dea
Resource Specimens
Resource ID 05ff2255-c38a-40c9-b657-4ccb55ab2feb