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Scientific name: Systolederus siamesicus Gunther, 1939
Author: Gunther, 1939
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Family: Tetrigidae
Genus: Systolederus
Species: siamesicus
Higher classification: Arthropoda; Insecta; Orthoptera; Tetrigoidea; Tetrigidae; Metrodorinae
Country: Thailand
Continent: Asia
Higher geography: Asia; Thailand
Decimal latitude: 15.1205
Decimal longitude: 101.0156
Verbatim latitude: 15 07 14 N
Verbatim longitude: 101 00 56 E
Type status: Type
Names Types FiledAs
Systolederus siamesicus Gunther, 1939
Catalogue number: NHMUK010924470
Collection code: BMNH(E) ( Entomology)
Other catalog numbers: NHMUK:ecatalogue:8249065
Preservative: Dry - pinned
Individual count: 1
Barcode: 010924470
Occurrence ID: 1fb1aaa6-cd6f-4d67-8649-a64d3d93eef9
Modified: 2018-05-14 14:51:49 (UTC)
Created: 2018-01-29 09:49:11 (UTC)



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Additional Information

Created 2018-01-29 09:49:11 (UTC)
Last updated 2018-05-14 14:51:49 (UTC)
Format DWC
License CC0-1.0
Dataset collection-specimens
Dataset ID 56e711e6-c847-4f99-915a-6894bb5c5dea
Resource Specimens
Resource ID 05ff2255-c38a-40c9-b657-4ccb55ab2feb