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Darwin's Fossil Mammals

A thumbnail image of the Toxodon cranium model on Sketchfab

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3D scans of fossil mammal specimens collected by Charles Darwin on the Voyage of the Beagle. The initial upload will be of all surviving specimens of Toxodon and Megatherium collected by Charles Darwin.

Scanning, documentation and conservation of the specimens has been possible due to the generous support of The Hartnett Conservation Trust, The Leche Trust, The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust and an anonymous donor. Scanning was done by Kate Burton using the Faro Edge laser scanner and the scans were processed using Geomagic Wrap software. Specimen and context data was provided by Pip Brewer and Adrian Lister. For access to high resolution scans of these specimens please contact us.

This is a pilot project and the aim is to eventually provide 3D scan data on all surviving fossil mammal specimens collected by Charles Darwin on the Voyage of the Beagle as well as to conserve and fully document all of the specimens.

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Philippa Brewer; Kaitlyn Burton; Adrian Lister; Amy Scott-Murray et al. (2018). Darwin's Fossil Mammals [Data set]. Natural History Museum.
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Primary contributors
Brewer, Philippa ( 0000-0001-7728-1021);
Burton, Kaitlyn ( 0000-0002-5115-2675);
Lister, Adrian ( 0000-0002-7985-138X);
Scott-Murray, Amy ( 0000-0003-4461-6782);
Pullar, Jennifer;
Steel, Lorna ( 0000-0001-9478-996X);
Keeble, Emily;
Fariña, Richard ( 0000-0003-0898-0333);
Tambusso, Sebastián;
Varela, Luciano ( 0000-0002-9481-6558);
Muyano, Mauro
Other contributors
Clark, Brett;
Pappa, Roula
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Last resource update November 22, 2021 (Darwin Fossils Spreadsheet)
Created April 2, 2018
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