Odontocete cochlear landmark data

  • filename - name of landmark file for that specimen - required to match up to other data.
  • specID - specimen accession number
  • taxon - species name
  • family - taxonomic family to which species belongs
  • group - is the specimen Phocoena phocoena or a different species (Other)?
  • habitat - the natural environment for that species
  • habitat1 - as Habitat but all “riverine/nearshore” taxa are classed as “riverine” and “nearshore/oceanic” taxa are classed as “nearshore”
  • habitat2 - as Habitat, but “riverine/nearshore” taxa are classed as “nearshore” and “nearshore/oceanic” taxa are classed as “oceanic”
  • feedingr - how the species usually acquires its prey
  • feeding1 - as Feeding behaviour, but all “raptorial/suction” taxa are classed as “raptorial”
  • feeding2 - as Feeding behaviour, but all “raptorial/suction” taxa are classed as “suction”
  • bodysize - maximum mass the species obtains
  • divetype - the type of dive the species usually makes (Shallow: estimated maximum dive depth ≤ 100 m. Mid: estimated maximum dive depth ~500 m. Deep: estimated maximum dive depth ~1000m. Verydeep: can dive well in excess of 1000 m.)
  • hearingtype - the type of hearing used by the species
  • PC1 - PC68 - Principal component (PC) scores from principal components analysis. These are the PCs that explain up to 95% of the variance in cochlear shape.
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Maria Clara Iruzun Martins, Travis Park and Natalie Cooper (2019). Dataset: Intraspecific variation in harbour porpoise cochleae. Resource: Odontocete cochlear landmark data . Natural History Museum Data Portal (data.nhm.ac.uk). https://doi.org/10.5519/0091362

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