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Wallace and Banks drawers

Drawer-level images of specimens in the Wallace and Banks collections held by the Natural History Museum, London.
Sue Ryder Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Collection specimens Popular

Specimen records from the Natural History Museum's collection
Natural History Museum Collections CC0-1.0

Old World morelloids

Specimens used in the published monograph of the Old World members of the Morelloid clade of Solanum (black nightshades) Särkinen TE, Poczai P, Barboza GE, van der Weerden GM,...
Sandra Knapp Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Morelloid solanum North and Central America and the Caribbean

Specimens used in the monograph of the morelloid clade of Solanum occurring in North and Central America and the Caribbean Knapp S, Barboza GE, Bohs L, Särkinen T (2019) A...
Sandra Knapp Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

Ludlow Museum Fossils in Shropshire Project data

The Fossils in Shropshire project dataset includes collections data and images of geological specimens from Shropshire Museums collections. The collection is principally...
Daniel Lockett, Jackie Tweddle Collections CC0-1.0

Supplementary Material: Surface Sediment Samples From Early Age of Seafloor E...

Ocean-floor sediment samples collected up to 150 years ago represent an important historical archive to benchmark global changes in the seafloor environment, such as species'...
Marina Costa Rillo, Michal Kucera, Thomas H. G. Ezard, C. Giles Miller Research Creative Commons Attribution

Sex biases in natural history collections of birds and mammals.

Data from paper Sex biases in natural history collections of birds and mammals. [link to paper will appear when published] The analyses require the two tidied datasets...
Natalie Cooper, Alexander L Bond, Kristofer M Helgen, Roberto Portela Miguez, Louise Tomsett Research Creative Commons Attribution

Baleen stable isotope data

This dataset contains d13C and d15N stable isotope data from northern hemisphere rorqual whale (Balaenoptera) baleen taken from our collections. This includes data from the...
Clive N Trueman; Andrew L Jackson; Katharyn S Chadwick; Ellen J Coombs et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution

Historical UK cetacean strandings dataset (1913-1989)

Over 100 years ago, the Natural History Museum created a project to document the cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) stranded on British beaches. Annual reports were...
Natural History Museum Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Global maps of Biodiversity Intactness Index (Sanchez-Ortiz et al., 2019 - bi...

Global maps of biodiversity intactness for the year 2005 (Abundance-based BII and Richness-based BII). These high-resolution rasters were used to plot Figure 1 in "Land-use and...
Katia Sanchez-Ortiz; Ricardo E. Gonzalez; Adriana De Palma; Tim Newbold et al. Research License not specified

Platypleurini phylogeny

Data Supporting: Out of Africa? A dated molecular phylogeny of the cicada tribe Platypleurini Schmidt (Hemiptera: Cicadidae), with a focus on African genera and the genus...
Benjamin W. Price, David C. Marshall, Nigel P. Barker, Chris Simon, Martin H. Villet Research Creative Commons CCZero

Lyell Collection - List of specimens

Lyell Collection with identifications and specimen numbers
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The Charles Lyell fossil collection at the Natural History Museum

Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) is one of the most important geologists of all time and was the pioneer of the principle of uniformitarianism. He was able to see that the present...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Darwin's Fossil Mammals

3D scans of fossil mammal specimens collected by Charles Darwin on the Voyage of the Beagle. The initial upload will be of all surviving specimens of Toxodon and Megatherium...
Pip Brewer, Kate Burton, Adrian Lister Collections Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

References that cite the John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology

This document is a compilation of publications that cite the use of the John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology which is based in Micropalaeontology, Earth Sciences.
Steve Stukins Collections License not specified

Lyell Collection - Types and figured and cited specimens

Types and cited specimens included in the Fossil Lyell Collection (group; type status; identification; and reference).
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The Fossil Historical Collections

There are three historical collections in the Palaeontology which have great importance for the history of the NHM. These are the Sloane, König and Pennant Collections. Over 100...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution


Alignments of DNA sequence data used in phylogenetic analysis
V. Deepak, S. Ruane, D.J. Gower Research License not specified

Convergent evolution in toothed whale cochleae

Data from the paper Convergent evolution in toothed whale cochleae.
Travis Park, Bastien Mennecart, Loïc Costeur, Camille Grohé, Natalie Cooper Research Creative Commons Attribution

Lincolnshire Plants: Past and Future

This is a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) supported project of three years duration in collaboration with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT), Sir Joseph Banks Society (SJBS), the...
Kath Castillo, Fred Rumsey, Debra Turner Collections Creative Commons Attribution

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