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DOI: 10.5519/qd.cqus4z0g

  "search": "Philippines"

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Natural History Museum (2022). Data Portal query on 29 resources created at 2022-08-01 13:49:17.911715 PID


Resource count: 29
Dataset count: 21
Retrieved: 2022-08-01 13:49:17.911715
Total records: 20838


Total downloads: 1
Total saves: 0
Last downloaded: 2022-08-01 13:50:17.723772

Resource breakdown

Collection specimens / Specimens 18705 records
Tropical Asian spiny Solanum / SM3 All specimens 485 records
Tropical Asian spiny Solanum / SM2 Tropical Asian specimens 483 records
NHM Interactions Bank / NHM Interactions Bank 464 records
PREDICTS: site-level summary biodiversity and pressure data / Site-level summaries 103 records
Old World morelloids / OW Morelloid specimens 93 records
Morelloid solanum North and Central America and the Caribbean / Appendix 3 searchable file all collections 91 records
African spiny Solanum / Vorontsova & Knapp (2016) African spiny solanum 80 records
Tropical Asian spiny solanums (2016) / GPSlocations_TropicalAsianSolanum_Figure2_Aubriot_et_al_CSV 59 records
Tropical Asian spiny solanums (2016) / GPSlocations_TropicalAsianSolanum_Figure2_Aubriot_et_al 59 records
Old World morelloids / Specimens OW morelloids 40 records
Old World morelloids / OW Morelloid collection events 40 records
Solanum insanum / Solanum insanum specimen list 32 records
Notes from Nature crowd sourcing raw data set / Notes from Nature raw transcription data set 30 records
Pangolin georeferencing / specimens-points.csv 11 records
Pangolin georeferencing / specimens-extents.csv 11 records
Pangolin georeferencing / overlaps_combined.csv 11 records
Pangolin georeferencing / overlaps_landuse.csv 6 records
Cicadas of India / Regional Species List (version 2) 6 records
Pangolin georeferencing / overlaps_hpd.csv 6 records
Catalogue of Meteorites / Catalogue of Meteorites (MetCat) 5 records
The former British Petroleum microfossil collection / Former British Petroleum microfossil collection data 5 records
The 2016 release of the PREDICTS database [SUPERSEDED] / Data references in CSV format 4 records
Crowdsourcing the collection / Transcriptions 3 records
Ocean Bottom Deposits Collection / Ocean Bottom Deposit Collection 2 records
Lyell Collection - List of specimens / Lyell Collection with identifications and specimen numbers 1 records
Solanum section Aculeigerum / Specimens examined for monograph of Solanum section Aculeigerum 1 records
Specimens of the Dulcamaroid Clade of Solanum / Dulcamaroid Clade specimens 1 records
NATRICINE / Natricine-natural-history-data-references.csv 1 records