The Data Portal has been developed by the Museum’s biodiversity informatics group, with the help and support of teams throughout the Museum.

Project members:

  1. Vince Smith - Principal investigator
  2. Ben Scott - Lead architect
  3. Alice Heaton - Senior developer
  4. Andy Allan - Developer
  5. Laurence Livermore - Digital analyst
  6. Yuki Geali - Information architecture/user experience
  7. Hayley Dunning and Lucy Brooks - Copywriting
  8. Chris Sleep - Technical consultant
  9. Dave Thomas, Darrell Siebert and Adrian Hine - Project board

The Data Portal is a window into the Museum’s research and collections data, and is the result of decades of work by the Museum's science staff.

Open source

The Data Portal is built with CKAN, an open-source data-publishing platform.

The Museum has extended and customised CKAN - this code is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.0, and available from the Natural History Museum’s code repository.