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Consuelo Sendino


The NHM Fossil Lithistida Collection

The Fossil Lithistida Collection at the NHM contains 5088 hand specimens and 265 thin sections mainly from the British Isles, Germany and France. This is a comprehensive dataset...
Natural History Museum Collections Creative Commons Attribution

NHM Devonian Stromatoporoidea Thin Section Collection

This collection includes 827 thin sections belonging to 54 worldwide taxa. Many of these thin section were prepared by H. Alleyne Nicholson.
Jiayuan Huang Collections Creative Commons Attribution


Fifteen taxa were found in a comprehensive study of British Silurian stromatoporoids using new and museum samples. The approach towards systematics adopted here is to accept...
Stephen Kershaw; Anne-Christine da Silva; Consuelo Sendino Research Creative Commons Attribution

Lyell Collection - List of specimens

Lyell Collection with identifications, and specimen numbers
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

List of publications with NHM fossil sponges

The NHM Porifera Collection contains almost 3000 referenced individuals as hand specimens and thin sections. From these, more than 2000 are figured and the rest are cited in...
Consuelo Sendino; John A Cooper Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Database of the NHM Fossil Porifera Collection with drawer label content

Database of 752 entries with drawer label content concerning hand specimen and slide cabinets. The data recorded includes taxa, geographic site and stratigraphic locations of...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The NHM Fossil Porifera Collection

The sponge fossil record extends to 635 million years ago, and is considered the oldest multicellular animals to inhabit the Earth. The importance of these animals is their...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The Charles Lyell fossil collection at the Natural History Museum

Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) is one of the most important geologists of all time and was the pioneer of the principle of uniformitarianism. He was able to see that the present...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

The Fossil Historical Collections

There are three historical collections in the Palaeontology which have great importance for the history of the NHM. These are the Sloane, König and Pennant Collections. Over 100...
Consuelo Sendino Collections Creative Commons Attribution

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