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Collection specimens

Specimen records from the Natural History Museum's collection
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Natural History Museum Collections CC0-1.0

Ludlow Museum Fossils in Shropshire Project data

The Fossils in Shropshire project dataset includes collections data and images of geological specimens from Shropshire Museums collections. The collection is principally...
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Daniel Lockett, Jackie Tweddle Collections CC0-1.0


The iCollections dataset comprises the records of all the British and Irish butterfly specimens in the entomological collections of the Natural History Museum, London....
Gordon L J Paterson; Sara Albuquerque; Vladimir Blagoderov; Steve Brooks et al. Collections CC0-1.0

A bibliography for the taxonomy of extant and extinct Scleractinia

The bibliography includes works concerning the nomenclature and taxonomy of Scleractinia, in particular those containing acts of nomenclature. The list is compiled as part of...
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Danwei Huang, Ann F. Budd and Kenneth G. Johnson Research CC0-1.0

Crowdsourcing the collection

Live transcriptions from Science Uncovered 2014
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Science Uncovered visitors CC0-1.0

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