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Baleen stable isotope data

This dataset contains d13C and d15N stable isotope data from northern hemisphere rorqual whale (Balaenoptera) baleen taken from our collections. This includes data from the baleen of the Hintze Hall blue whale. The data has been used in various research papers. Additional data allow the analyses in these papers to be carried out and mostly encompass environmental datasets or the outputs of various simulation models.

Note that if trying to link these data to analyses in GitHub, an update to this site has changed all "." in column headers to "_". These will need to be changed before the code will work. Apologies.

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Clive N. Trueman; Andrew Jackson; Katharyn S Chadwick; Ellen J Coombs et al. (2018). Dataset: Baleen stable isotope data. Natural History Museum Data Portal (

Retrieved: 08:41 25 Sep 2021 (GMT)

Additional Info

Field Value
Affiliation University of Southampton, Trinity College Dublin, Natural History Museum, UCL, University of Utah
Primary contributors
Trueman, Clive N. ( 0000-0002-4995-736X);
Jackson, Andrew ( 0000-0001-7334-0434);
Chadwick, Katharyn S;
Coombs, Ellen J ( 0000-0002-3760-8736);
Magozzi, Sarah ( 0000-0003-4070-9105);
Sabin, Richard C;
Cooper, Natalie ( 0000-0003-4919-8655)
Other contributors
Last updated October 19, 2018
Last resource update October 19, 2018 (paper01_d13C for trophic level 2 (raster))
Created January 16, 2018
License Creative Commons Attribution