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NHM Bird Collection Type Specimens


Search and browse the bird type specimens held in the collection of the Natural History Museum, or download and re-use the dataset describing the NHM's bird holotypes, syntypes, lectotypes and neotypes.

Please note: all members of a syntype series have equal status, but only one member of each is listed, regardless of how many are in the collections. The catalogue includes additions and corrections noted prior to June 2001.


British Museum (Natural History). Department of Zoology, Warren, R.L. and Harrison, C.J.O., 1971. Type-specimens of Birds in the British Museum. Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History).

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Natural History Museum; Natural History Museum; Rachel L. M. Warren; C. J. O. Harrison et al. (2022). NHM Bird Collection Type Specimens [Data set]. Natural History Museum.
Retrieved: 07:00 14 Apr 2024 (UTC) BibTeX

Additional Info

Field Value
Primary contributors
Natural History Museum ( 039zvsn29);
Warren, Rachel L. M.;
Harrison, C. J. O.;
Bond, Alexander ( 0000-0003-2125-7238);
Adams, Mark
Other contributors
Temporal extent 1758 - 2001
Last updated February 7, 2023
Last resource update February 7, 2023 (NHM Bird Collection Type Specimens)
Created November 28, 2022
License Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike