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Chagos Coral Collection at the NHM London

The Natural History Museum, London, holds a collection of >6000 specimens of dry-preserved hard (mainly scleractinian) corals from the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean (British Indian Ocean Territory). These were collected from three expeditions in the 1970s. This archipelago of >50 islands includes the Great Chagos Bank which is the largest coral atoll in the world. The ecosystems are impacted very little by pollution or fishing and therefore represent an important resource for scientific study, including that of climate change. The collection is largely in good condition and extremely comprehensive taxonomically, covering ca. 75 genera. The NHM also holds some associated documentation from the original expeditions.

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Andrew Cabrinovic; Miranda Lowe; Kenneth Johnson; Natalina Bonassera; Mia Williams; Charles Sheppard (2017). Chagos Coral Collection at the NHM London [Data set]. Natural History Museum.
Retrieved: 22:39 23 Apr 2024 (UTC) BibTeX

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Field Value
Affiliation Natural History Museum London, University of Warwick
Primary contributors
Cabrinovic, Andrew;
Lowe, Miranda ( 0000-0002-5531-4168);
Johnson, Kenneth ( 0000-0002-4666-1213);
Bonassera, Natalina;
Williams, Mia;
Sheppard, Charles
Other contributors
Temporal extent 1972-1979
Last updated April 29, 2019
Last resource update April 29, 2019 (Chagos Coral Collection at NHM spreadsheet)
Created August 21, 2017
License Creative Commons Attribution