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PV R 6000 $Cast

Scientific name: Paracyclotosaurus davidi Watson, 1958
Author: Watson, 1958
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Temnospondyli
Family: Paracyclotosauridae
Genus: Paracyclotosaurus
Species: davidi
Higher classification: Animalia; Chordata; Tetrapoda; Amphibia; Temnospondyli; Paracyclotosauridae
Locality: St Peters brickpits
State province: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Continent: Australia
Higher geography: Australia; Australia; New South Wales; Sydney - Inner
Names Types FiledAs
Paracyclotosaurus davidi Watson, 1958
Catalogue number: PV R 6000 $Cast
Collection code: PAL ( Palaeontology)
Sub department: ES Reptiles
Other catalog numbers: NHMUK:ecatalogue:2351612
Donor name: Dr Dunstan
Catalogue description: Cast of full skeleton of Paracyclotosaurus davidi.
Earliest eon/lowest eonothem: Phanerozoic
Latest eon/highest eonothem: Phanerozoic
Earliest era/lowest erathem: Mesozoic
Latest era/highest erathem: Mesozoic
Earliest period/lowest system: Triassic
Latest period/highest system: Triassic
Earliest epoch/lowest series: Late Triassic
Latest epoch/highest series: Late Triassic
Formation: Hawkesbury Series Formation
Member: Wianamatta shales Member
Chronostratigraphy: Triassic, Late Triassic
Lithostratigraphy: Hawkesbury Series Formation, Wianamatta shales Member
Occurrence ID: 2dc1b869-3655-4daf-a0fc-7eb83e7e8d4d
Modified: 2022-05-05 11:41:35 (UTC)
Created: 2012-02-16 12:16:15 (UTC)


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Created 2012-02-16 12:16:15 (UTC)
Last updated 2022-05-05 11:41:35 (UTC)
Format DWC
License CC0-1.0
Dataset collection-specimens
Dataset ID 56e711e6-c847-4f99-915a-6894bb5c5dea
Resource Specimens
Resource ID 05ff2255-c38a-40c9-b657-4ccb55ab2feb