GBIF quality indicators: unknown
Scientific name: Cranbourne
Locality: Melbourne
State province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Continent: Australia
Higher geography: Australia; Australia; Victoria; Casey - Cranbourne
Decimal latitude: -38.1000
Decimal longitude: 145.3000
Verbatim latitude: 38 06 00 S
Verbatim longitude: 145 18 00 E
Catalogue number: BM.55532
Collection code: MIN ( Mineralogy)
Other catalog numbers: NHMUK:ecatalogue:367273
Collection kind: Meteorites
Identification other: [u'Abel', u'Arltunga', u'Beaconsfield', u'Bruce', u'Dandenong', u'Langwarrin', u'Melbourne', u'Pakenham', u'Victoria', u'Western Point district', u'Western Port district', u'Yarra Yarra River']
Meteorite type: Iron
Meteorite group: Coarse octahedrite
Meteorite class: IIICD
Petrology type: Og
Petrology subtype: 2.2
Recovery: Find
Recovery date: 1854
Recovery weight: 8.6 t
Occurrence ID: fc1c6fdc-1c1c-4b6d-8553-88b988b9281e
Modified: 2017-11-30 19:11:34 (UTC)
Created: 2005-09-28 13:46:30 (UTC)


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Additional Information

Created 2005-09-28 13:46:30 (UTC)
Last updated 2017-11-30 19:11:34 (UTC)
Format dwc
License CC0-1.0
Dataset collection-specimens
Dataset ID 56e711e6-c847-4f99-915a-6894bb5c5dea
Resource Specimens
Resource ID 05ff2255-c38a-40c9-b657-4ccb55ab2feb