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Coral reef imagery by Eileen Graham of Jamaica in the 1960s

This is a collection of 1481 images that were made by Eileen Graham between 1966 and 1968 showing coral reefs from the northern coast of Jamaica. Most of the image were made of the fore reef sites near Discovery Bay, but images of reefs near Runaway Bay, Rio Bueno, and other sites are also included. The images were scanned from original negatives at a resolution of 4800dpi, and the negatives are part of the special collections of the Natural History Museum, London. Copyright of the images is held by the Natural History Museum but they are published at full resolution under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Please let us know how you are using them to help us justify continued support of the archive. We also ask that you acknowledge the photographer Eileen Graham when publishing any of the images.

Each image has been associated with one of the dive sites indicated in the file graham_image_sites.csv. Sites in the fore reef of Discovery Bay have been classified according to the scheme illustrated in the file map_overlay.pdf based on a map of the reefs west of Discovery Bay that was produced Thomas Goreau Sr. Sites were defined within a rough grid formed both by distance along the reef west of Discovery Bay and by reef zones as defined in Kinzie (1973, The zonation of west indian gorgonians, Bulletins of Marine Science 23, 93–155). We defined two sectors (Buoy and Pinnacle II), and within the Buoy Sector we defined a series of subsectors. In cases where an image could not be attributed to a particular subsector, then it was left assigned only to a sector. Assignment of sites on the east side of Discovery Bay and other sectors is not associated with particular zones, and georeferencing is currently not available for some sites including “Rendezvous de Terrier”, and “Silver Seas”. A subset of the images were made on shore, and these have not been georeferenced. Site data assignments may change with further research and comparisons with images from other photographers. Approximate site coordinates are available in the file dive_sites.kml .

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Johnson, Kenneth ( 0000-0002-4666-1213)
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Temporal extent 1966-1968
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