Defra ODA Legumes Project

The Defra ODA Legumes Project comprises the records of all herbarium sheet specimens of the genus’ Dalbergia and Pterocarpus, and selected specimens from the subtribe Phaseolinae, housed in the general herbarium at the Natural History Museum, London at the time of project completion (March 2019).

The collection was digitised with a mandate to create and share via the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) a dataset of 10,000 herbarium specimen images and metadata to be used in scientific research. To deliver the 10k specimen target, an additional 24 Genera housed in adjacent cabinets were imaged to complete this section of the collection (including Cajanus, Bolusafra, Fagelia, Dunbaria, Atylosia, Baukea, Endomallus, Paracalyx, Pitcheria, Rhynchosia, Eriosema, Carrissoa, Flemingia, Dalbergiella, Phylloxylon, Cyclolobium, Machaerium, Paramachaerium, Tipuana, Vatairea, Vataireopsis, Platypodium, Centrolobium and Coroya).

A new, high-throughput herbarium sheet digitisation workflow was trialled and established for this project that incorporated automation and mass ingestion of images to create inventory records.

Each specimen record has been published with an image capturing the specimen with any associated labels, with an inventory record created via that specimen’s unique identifier (barcode), and with any accompanying data transcribed via these images. Some specimens will have additional images capturing the reverse side of sheets.

The data resource generated by the project is available using the link. Please search for the relevant taxa.

The collection was digitised as part of the Museum's Digital Collections Programme, and the Defra-funded “Supporting research in food security and timber management in tropical ODA listed countries” in collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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