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Dinosaur evolutionary rates were not in decline prior to the K-Pg boundary

Data from Bonsor et al. Dinosaur evolutionary rates were not in decline prior to the K-Pg boundary. Royal Society Open Science. 7: 201195.

The data are dated trees. The character sets for each tree were taken from the literature (see references below) and we reran these in TNT then dated them using FAD and LAD dates from the PaleoBiology Database and the R package paleotree. More details and R code to run all the analyses, can be found at

These trees come from the following references. If you want to use them please cite the original papers.

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We also used the dated trees used in Sakamoto et al. 2016, taken from Benson et al. 2014 and Lloyd et al. 2008. To access these go to the supplementary materials section here: (files 2-13).

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Joe Bonsor; Paul Barrett; Tom Raven; Natalie Cooper (2020). Dinosaur evolutionary rates were not in decline prior to the K-Pg boundary [Data set]. Natural History Museum.
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