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Duxbury collection database

Access high quality colour images and original plates from the Duxbury collection, a catalogue of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cyst specimens.

The database includes the original plates from Duxbury's 1983 publication, along with new:

  • High quality digital images.
  • Videos of the original specimens.
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) images, providing: extended focus images.
  • Red/green anaglyphs, requiring red/green glasses to appreciate the 3D effect 3D animations.
  • Animations of the image stack from specimens embedded in a microscope slide.

All images and movies have been compressed for display on the web. To play the videos you will need to install the QuickTime plug-in.

The original diagnoses and edits by Duxbury (1983) are included for each taxon, with added notes inferring subsequent changes in taxonomy.

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McLachlan, Iona
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