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DNA sequence alignments; AFLP data; Morphological data; Mantel tests R script and matrices; BEAST xml files

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Simon Maddock; RA A Nussbaum; Julie Day; L Latta et al. (2020). Maddock_rostratus [Data set]. Natural History Museum.
Retrieved: 19:41 05 Dec 2023 (UTC) BibTeX

Additional Info

Field Value
Primary contributors
Maddock, Simon ( 0000-0002-5455-6990);
Nussbaum, RA A;
Day, Julie ( 0000-0003-1035-2117);
Latta, L;
Miller, Mark ( 0000-0003-1045-1772);
Fisk, D L;
Wilkinson, Mark ( 0000-0002-9459-8976);
Rocha, S;
Gower, David J;
Pfrender, M E
Other contributors
Last updated July 27, 2020
Last resource update July 27, 2020 (Morphology)
Created July 27, 2020
License Creative Commons Attribution