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Data from the NATRICINE project led by V.Deepak (, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action.

These data have been used in several papers:

  1. Deepak. V., Cooper, N., Poyarkov, N.A., Kraus, F., Burin, G., Das,A., Snarayanan, S., Streicher, J.W., Smith, S.J., & Gower, D.J. 2021. Multilocus phylogeny, natural-history traits, and classification of natricine (Serpentes: Natricinae) snakes. Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society. 2021, zlab099. DOI: 10.1093/zlab099.
  2. Deepak. V., Gower, D.J. & Cooper, N. 2022. Diet and habit explain head-shape convergences in natricine snakes. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

More details can be found at,, and in the papers themselves.

Data for paper 1 (Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society)

  1. natricine-251tips.fas
  2. Mol-dating-310tips.nex
  3. Natricine-MLphylogeny250tips.tre
  4. 120tipnewick
  5. TreePL_natricine_dated.tre
  6. Totnat-geo-data
  7. Tot-nat-geo-data-8areas

Data for paper 2 (Journal of Evolutionary Biology)

Linear analyses (main text)

  1. Dated/time-calibrated phylogeny used in LM analyses.
  2. linear-species-means-LSR.csv. Species means for head shape variables used in analyses.
  3. metadata-data-natricine-LM.csv. Raw specimen level measurements, along with additional data needed for analyses, including putative ecomorph.
  4. missing_taxa_data.csv. List of missing taxa used to create pruned phylogeny for analyses.
  5. snakepca-LSR.csv. PC (principal components) data used in analyses.

GMM analyses (supplemental)

  1. Dated/time-calibrated phylogeny used in GMM analyses.
  2. metadata-data-natricine-GMM.csv. Additional data needed for analyses, including putative ecomorph.
  3. natricine_landmarks.TPS. Raw landmarks from snake heads used in GMM analyses.
  4. sliders-natricine-landmarks.csv. Slider definitions for GMM analyses.
  5. snake-data-pca-GMM.csv. PC (principal components) data used in analyses.
  6. GMM Example images for GMM analyses. We are only able to upload those taken from NHM specimens.

Data for both papers

We also include the full natural history dataset collected for this project, along with the references used to build it (Natricine-natural-history-data.csv and Natricine-natural-history-data-references.csv), used in both paper, and the time calibrated phylogeny with no species added or pruned

More details and metadata are available with each resource - click on the resource to access.

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Cooper, Natalie ( 0000-0003-4919-8655);
Gower, David J
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