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New Solanum from the Pacific

Specimens used in the article describing new Solanum species from the Pacific: MClelland DHR, Nee M, Knapp S (2020) New names and status for Pacific spiny species of Solanum (Solanaceae, subgenus Leptostemonum Bitter; the Leptostemonum Clade). PhytoKeys 145: 1-36,

Article Abstract. Five new species of spiny solanums (Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum Bitter; the Leptostemonum Clade) are described from the islands of the Pacific. Two of the new species are from Fiji (S. pseudopedunculatum D.McClelland sp. nov. and S. ratale D.McClelland sp. nov.), two from New Caledonia (S. memoayanum D.McClelland sp. nov. and S. semisucculentum D.McClelland sp. nov.), one from Papua New Guinea (S. labyrinthinum D.McClelland sp. nov.) and another from Vanuatu (S. vanuatuense D.McClelland sp. nov.). A new status and combination is provided for the rare Hawaiian endemic S. caumii (F.Br.) D.McClelland comb. et stat. nov. and a new type designated for S. peekelii Bitter of Papua New Guinea, for which a description is also provided. All species are illustrated with digitized herbarium specimens, mapped and have been assigned a preliminary conservation status using current IUCN guidelines. Details of all specimens examined are provided in a Supplementary materials file.

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