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Natural History Museum Research License not specified

Disporella guada sp. nov., an erect rectangulate cyclostome (Bryozoa, Stenola...

The taxonomy of cyclostome bryozoans is founded on characters of the calcitic skeleton, but molecular sequence data has increasingly shown that established higher taxa are not...
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Natural History Museum Research License not specified


Phylogenetic datasets
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Varad B Giri; David J Gower; Abhijit Das; Hmar Tlawmte Lalremsanga et al. Research License not specified


Alignments of DNA sequence data used in phylogenetic analysis
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Veerappan Deepak; Sara Ruane; David J Gower Research License not specified

Evolutionary transitions in broad tapeworms (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidea)

Broad tapeworms (Diphyllobothriidea Kuchta, Scholz, Brabec and Bray, 2008) are wildlife parasites whose adults are capable of infecting a wide range of freshwater, marine and...
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Natalia Fraija-Fernández; Andrea Waeschenbach; Andrew Briscoe; Suzanne Hocking et al. Research License not specified

UK Species Inventory - Simplified copy

An up to date export of the UK Species Inventory database in its simplified form. This dataset contains all names and all taxonomic concepts in 2 tables, which can be used to...
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Chris Raper Citizen Science License not specified

Phylogenetic reconstruction of early diverging tapeworms (Order: Caryophyllid...

Tapeworms of the order Caryophyllidea are the earliest diverging ‘true’ tapeworms (Eucestoda) and parasitise almost exclusively cypriniform and siluriform fishes. They are...
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Tomáš Scholz; Andrea Waeschenbach; Mikuláš Oros; Jan Brabec; Tim Littlewood Research License not specified

Specimens from Sloane's voyage to Jamaica

Hans Sloane was a seventeenth-century doctor and collector. He amassed a vast amount of material that eventually formed the basis of the British Museum. In 1881, Sloane's...
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Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified

Molecular circumscription of new Gyrocotyle species from multiple, deep-sea C...

Chimaeras, or ratfishes, are the only extant group of holocephalan fishes and are the sole host group of gyrocotylidean cestodes, which represent a sister group of the true...
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Rodney Bray; Andrea Waeschenbach; Tim Littlewood; Odd Halvorsen; Peter D Olson Research License not specified

Hermann Herbarium

The collection of dried plants and drawings made in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for Paul Hermann in the 1670s possesses a special importance in being one of the first major collections...
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Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified

Eric Robinson Collection of Ostracoda and Foraminifera

In 2006, Eric Robinson, formerly of University College London, donated his ostracod collection to the Natural History Museum. This collection contains slides of named taxa and...
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Giles Miller Collections License not specified

Notes from Nature crowd sourcing raw data set

Raw transcription data from the Notes from Nature crowd sourcing site for the ornithology collections of the NHM
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Natural History Museum License not specified

Global maps of Biodiversity Intactness Index (Sanchez-Ortiz et al., 2019 - bi...

Global maps of biodiversity intactness for the year 2005 (Abundance-based BII and Richness-based BII). These high-resolution rasters were used to plot Figure 1 in "Land-use and...
Katia Sanchez-Ortiz; Ricardo E Gonzalez; Adriana De Palma; Tim Newbold et al. Research License not specified

References that cite the John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology

This document is a compilation of publications that cite the use of the John Williams Index of Palaeopalynology which is based in Micropalaeontology, Earth Sciences.
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Stephen Stukins Collections License not specified

Ocean Bottom Deposits Collection

The Ocean Bottom Deposits Collection contains over 28,000 items derived from sea floor sediment collections. These include sediment residues in tubes/bottles/jars, hand...
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Giles Miller Collections License not specified


Xenophyophores, giant foraminifera, are distinctive members of the deep-sea megafauna that accumulate large masses of waste material (‘stercomare’) within their agglutinated...
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Andrew Gooday; Dan Sykes; Adrian Glover Collections License not specified


Hypogeophis DNA alignments
Simon MADDOCK; Mark Wilkinson; David J Gower Research License not specified


Uropeltidae mtDNA alignments and morphological data
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V J Jins; F L Sampaio; David J Gower Research License not specified

Former Aberystwyth microfossil collection

A catalogue of information about discrete collections within the Former Aberystwyth University Micropalaeontology Collection, now housed the Natural History Museum. The...
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Natural History Museum Collections License not specified

Supplementary data remipede Toxins paper

These data are the supplementary data accompanying a paper submitted to the journal Toxins titled Venomics of remipede crustaceans reveals novel peptide diversity and...
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Ronald Jenner Research License not specified

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