Megatherium americanum - skull fragment with teeth

Specimen number: NHMUK PV M 16588b

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Taxon: Megatherium americanum

Description: Fragment of the right maxilla with the 2nd and 3rd molariforms

Site: Punta Alta, Argentina

Age: Late Pleistocene to early Holocene (between 126,000 and 8,000 years old)

Collection: Collected between September and October 1832 or between August and September 1833 by Charles Darwin (specific date was not recorded)

Comments: This specimen has been cut in two at some point in the past to produce a horizontal section of the teeth. It is not clear when the section was made, although the section is mentioned in the Royal College of Surgeons 1884 catalogue. The other section is catalogued at NHMUK PV M 16588a. Rock matrix still partially encases the specimen and is typical of other specimens from this site.

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