Raw cochleae measurement data

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  • specID - Specimen accession number
  • taxon - Species binomial
  • side - Side of the animal the cochlea came from (Right or Left)
  • nTurns - Number of turns of the cochlear canal
  • volume - Volume (in mm^3)
  • cochleaHeight - Cochlea height (mm)
  • cochleaWidth - Cochlea width (mm)
  • canalLength - Canal length (mm)
  • sslLength - Secondary spiral lamina (SSL) length (mm)
  • sslExtent - % of extent of SSL (SSL length/cochlear canal length)*100)

  • basalRatio - Basal ratio (cochlear height/cochlear width)
  • axialPitch - Axial pitch (cochlear height/number of turns)

  • W2 - Width of basal turn perpendicular to cochlear width

  • ITD - Interturn distance (maximum distance between turns of the cochlea)
  • maxRadius - Maximum radius of spiral ganglion (this is omitted from analyses as we do not have records for all specimens)
  • FC - Surface area of fenestra cochlearis in (mm^2)
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Maria Clara Iruzun Martins, Travis Park and Natalie Cooper (2019). Dataset: Intraspecific variation in harbour porpoise cochleae. Resource: Raw cochleae measurement data. Natural History Museum Data Portal (data.nhm.ac.uk). https://doi.org/10.5519/0091362

Retrieved: 10:51 20 Oct 2019 (GMT)

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