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Mark Carine

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July 27, 2020



Specimens from Sloane's voyage to Jamaica

Hans Sloane was a seventeenth-century doctor and collector. He amassed a vast amount of material that eventually formed the basis of the British Museum. In 1881, Sloane's...
Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified

Hans Sloane's Collection of Vegetables and Vegetable Substances

Hans Sloane’s Collection of Vegetables and Vegetable Substances originally consisted of 12,523 botanical specimens, most housed in small glass and wooden boxes. Sealed inside...
Victoria Pickering; Charles Jarvis; Mark Carine Research Creative Commons Attribution

Bound Volumes and Exsiccatae in the Botanical Collections at the Natural Hist...

This dataset provides an overview of the bound volumes and exsiccatae preserved in the botanical collections of the Natural History Museum. For each of the 1320 items accounted...
Norbert Holstein; Mark Carine; Edgley Cesar; Len Ellis et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Clifford Herbarium

The herbarium contains over 3,000 specimens collected by George Clifford (1685-1760), a wealthy Anglo-Dutch merchant. The Herbarium includes plants that were newly cultivated...
Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified

Arabic and Persian plant names in the Codex Vindobonensis

The Codex Vindobonensis Med. GR. 1 Der Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek (sometimes referred to as the Juliana Anicia codex and hereafter referred to as ‘The Codex’) is a...
Hanouf Al-Alawi; John Hunnex Research Creative Commons Attribution

Clayton Herbarium

John Clayton (1694-1773) was a notable early collector of plant specimens in North America. From 1720 until his death, he was Clerk to the Court of Gloucester County in...
Charles E Jarvis Collections CC-BY-SA-4.0

Hermann Herbarium

The collection of dried plants and drawings made in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for Paul Hermann in the 1670s possesses a special importance in being one of the first major collections...
Charles E Jarvis Collections License not specified