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Data from the "Back to the water" project

Data from papers published as part of Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant (RPG-2019-323): Back to the water: macroevolutionary dynamics of secondarily aquatic tetrapods....
Travis Park; Gustavo Burin; Graham J Slater; Natalie Cooper Research Creative Commons Attribution

Release of data added to the PREDICTS database (November 2022)

This dataset comprises 1,040,752 measurements, collated from 9,544 sampling locations in 46 countries and representing 10,635 species. The data was collated from 115 existing...
Sara Contu; Adriana De Palma; Rachel Bates; Jessica Borer et al. Research Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

Data for soil and above-ground assemblages from Burton et al.

The site-level data frame and code to reproduce models in Burton et al. Land use and soil characteristics affect soil organisms differently from above-ground assemblages. Human...
Victoria Burton; Sara Contu; Adriana De Palma; Samantha L L Hill et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Historical wasp occupancies: model outputs

This dataset contains model output for: Jönsson, G. M., Broad, G. R., Sumner, S. and Isaac, N. J. B. (2020). A century of social wasp occupancy trends from natural history...
Galina Mikaella Jönsson Research Creative Commons Attribution

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