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Sex bias and sex recording in global herpetology collections

Data from paper: Sex bias and sex recording in global herpetology collections. link to paper. Tara Wainwright, Morwenna Trevenna, Sarah R. Alewijnse, Patrick D. Campbell, Marc...
Tara Wainwright; Morwenna Trevenna; Sarah R. Alewijnse; Patrick Campbell et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution


Data from the NATRICINE project led by V.Deepak (, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action. These data have been used in several papers: Deepak....
Veerappan Deepak; Natalie Cooper; David J Gower Research Creative Commons Attribution

Host-Parasite database

In 1922 Dr H.A. Baylis, then head of what today is the Parasitic worms group, devised a Host-Parasite Catalogue in which he recorded the host-parasite associations published in...
David I Gibson; Eileen Harris; Rod Bray; Charles Hussey Research Creative Commons Attribution

Data for soil and above-ground assemblages from Burton et al. (in prep)

The site-level data frame and code to reproduce models in Burton et al. (in prep.) Land use and soil characteristics affect soil organisms differently from above-ground...
Victoria Burton; Sara Contu; Adriana De Palma; Samantha L L Hill et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Analysis of ultraconserved elements supports African origins of narrow-mouthe...

Narrow-mouthed frogs (Anura: Microhylidae) are globally distributed and molecular data suggest the rapid evolution of multiple subfamilies shortly after their origin. Despite...
Jeffrey Streicher; Simon Loader; Andrea Varela-Jaramillo; Paola Montoya; Rafael Omar de Sá Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Annual country-level summaries of BII and land use (2001-2012) for tropical a...

Here we provide machine-readable (csv files) and human readable (pdf files) tables of country, subregion and region averages for the Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) and land...
Adriana De Palma; Andrew Hoskins; Ricardo E Gonzalez; Luca Borger et al. Research Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

UK Species Inventory - Simplified copy

An up to date export of the UK Species Inventory database in its simplified form. This dataset contains all names and all taxonomic concepts in 2 tables, which can be used to...
Chris Raper License not specified

Intraspecific variation in harbour porpoise cochleae

Data from paper Intraspecific variation in harbour porpoise ( Phocoena phocoena ) cochleae and its implications for comparative studies across odontocetes. Martins MCI, Park T,...
Maria Clara Iruzun Martins; Travis Park; Natalie Cooper Research Creative Commons Attribution

Coral reef imagery by Eileen Graham of Jamaica in the 1960s

This is a collection of 1481 images that were made by Eileen Graham between 1966 and 1968 showing coral reefs from the northern coast of Jamaica. Most of the image were made of...
Kenneth Johnson CC-BY-4.0

Centipede venom evolution

These are 6 assembled venom gland transcriptomes from 5 species of centipedes. They are made available as supplementary material that is part of the following paper: Jenner, R....
Ronald Jenner Research Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Baleen stable isotope data

This dataset contains d13C and d15N stable isotope data from northern hemisphere rorqual whale (Balaenoptera) baleen taken from our collections. This includes data from the...
Clive N. Trueman; Andrew Jackson; Katharyn S Chadwick; Ellen J Coombs et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution

Platypleurini phylogeny

Data Supporting: Out of Africa? A dated molecular phylogeny of the cicada tribe Platypleurini Schmidt (Hemiptera: Cicadidae), with a focus on African genera and the genus...
Benjamin Price; David C Marshall; Nigel P Barker; Chris Simon; Martin H Villet Research Creative Commons CCZero

Al Sabouni et al Reproducibility

The data required to run the analyses in Al Sabouni et al "Reproducibility of species recognition in modern planktonic foraminifera and its implications for measures of...
Isabel Fenton Research Open Data Commons Attribution License


DarwinCore Archive of species occurrence data to support the publication: Neal L, Linse K, Brasier MJ, Sherlock E, Glover AG (2017). Comparative marine biodiversity and depth...
Adrian Glover; Lenka Neal Research License not specified


Data from the paper "Questioning hagfish affinities of the enigmatic Devonian vertebrate Palaeospondylus "
Zerina Johanson Research CC-BY-SA-4.0

The 2016 release of the PREDICTS database

A dataset of 3,250,404 measurements, collated from 26,114 sampling locations in 94 countries and representing 47,044 species. The data were collated from 480 existing spatial...
Lawrence Hudson; Tim Newbold; Sara Contu; Samantha L L Hill et al. Research CC-BY-4.0

Cicadas of India

Data supporting: Price B, Allan E, Marathe K, Sarkar V, Simon C, Kunte K (2016) The cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka: an...
Benjamin Price; Louise Allan; Kiran Marathe; V Sarkar; Chris Simon; K Kunte Research CC-BY-4.0

Global map of the Biodiversity Intactness Index, from Newbold et al. (2016) S...

This is the data used to plot figure S4 in Newbold et al. (2016) “Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary? A global assessment”, Science...
Tim Newbold; Lawrence Hudson; Andy Arnell; Sara Contu et al. Research CC-BY-4.0

Coeliccia micro-CT

micro-CT raw data from Coeliccia scutellum scutellum, Coeliccia scutellum hainanense, Coeliccia pyriformis and Coeliccia cyanomelas
Philip O. M. Steinhoff Research License not specified


A worldwide collection of scientific recordings of animal sounds from the Natural History Museum and our collaborators.
Edward Baker; Benjamin Price; BioAcoustica Contributors Research License not specified

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