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Function and ecology of Solanum underground organs

Datasets used for analyses in the publication: Gagnon E, Baldaszti L, Moonlight P, Knapp S, Lehmann C, Särkinen T (submitted) Functional and ecological diversification of...
Edeline Gagnon; Tiina Särkinen; Sandra Knapp Research Creative Commons CCZero

South American morelloid Solanum

Occurrence and specimen data used in the publication: Knapp S, T. Särkinen & G.E Barboza (2023) A revision of the South American species of the Morelloid clade (Solanum L.;...
Sandra Knapp; Tiina Särkinen; Gloria E. Barboza Research Open Data Commons Attribution License

Release of data added to the PREDICTS database (November 2022)

This dataset comprises 1,040,752 measurements, collated from 9,544 sampling locations in 46 countries and representing 10,635 species. The data was collated from 115 existing...
Sara Contu; Adriana De Palma; Rachel Bates; Jessica Borer et al. Research Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

Site-level data used in Gray, Hill et al. (2016) Local biodiversity is higher...

This is the site-level data used to analyses whether sampled biodiversity differs between sites inside and outside protected areas. These data were obtained from the November...
Claudia L Gray; Samantha L L Hill; Tim Newbold; Lawrence Hudson et al. Research CC-BY-SA-4.0

Site-level data and Jaccard similarities from Newbold et al. (2016) "Has land...

This is the site-level data used in Newbold et al. (2016) "Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary? A global assessment", Science, and the...
Tim Newbold; Lawrence Hudson; Andy Arnell; Sara Contu et al. Research CC-BY-NC-4.0

Tropical Asian spiny Solanum

Specimen data used for the publication: Aubriot X, Knapp S (2022) A revision of the “spiny solanums” of Tropical Asia (Solanum Leptostemonum Clade: Solanaceae).PhytoKeys 198:...
Sandra Knapp; Xavier Aubriot Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

New species of Athenaea from Brazil

Specimens use in the description of two new species of Athenaea (Solanaceae) Rodrigues IMC, Knapp S, Stehmann JR (2021) Two new species of Athenaea Sendtn. (Solanaceae) from the...
Sandra Knapp Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

New Solanum from the Pacific

Specimens used in the article describing new Solanum species from the Pacific: MClelland DHR, Nee M, Knapp S (2020) New names and status for Pacific spiny species of Solanum...
Sandra Knapp Collections Creative Commons CCZero


Specimen data from the ABYSSLINE project for the Natural History Museum biodiversity survey of the UK-1 polymetallic nodule exploration claim zone, central Pacific abyss.
Adrian Glover Research CC-BY-NC-4.0

Morelloid clade of Solanum in Brazil

Dataset of specimen and localities of Brazilian species of the Morelloid clade of Solanum (black nightshades)
Sandra Knapp Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Eggplant gap analysis data

This dataset is is a csv file of occurrence data from museum/herbarium and germplasm banks used to analyze gaps in collection and representation of eggplant (Solanum melongena)...
Nora P. Castañeda-Álvarez Collections ODC-BY-1.0

Crop weeds of Paraguay

Paraguay, a country whose economy is based mainly on agriculture and livestock for export, has experienced a major expansion in mechanized crops during the last few decades....
Maria Peña Chocarro Collections ODC-BY-1.0

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