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Wallace and Banks drawers

Drawer-level images of specimens in the Wallace and Banks collections held by the Natural History Museum, London.
Suzanne Ryder Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Join the Dots collection-level descriptions

The records in this dataset provide a high-level summary of the Natural History Museum's collection and encompass the material managed by its Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and...
Natural History Museum; Natural History Museum Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License

Collection specimens

Specimen records from the Natural History Museum's collection
Natural History Museum Collections CC0-1.0

Southeast Asian Bumblebee Specimen Database

List of Southeast Asian bumblebee specimens (the CT database), including CT ID, collection (BEEP=Bee Protection Laboratory, Department of Biology, Chiang Mai University, Chiang...
Chawatat Thanoosing; Alfried Vogler; Paul H Williams Research Creative Commons Attribution

Bound Volumes and Exsiccatae in the Botanical Collections at the Natural Hist...

This dataset provides an overview of the bound volumes and exsiccatae preserved in the botanical collections of the Natural History Museum. For each of the 1320 items accounted...
Norbert Holstein; Mark Carine; Edgley Cesar; Len Ellis et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Covid-19 Chiropteran Knowledge Base

The project "COVID-19 Chiropteran Knowledge Base" involved the audit and label data transcription of all the bat specimens belonging to the families of Rhinolophidae (Horseshoe...
Phaedra Kokkini; Roberto Portela Miguez; Louise Allan; James Ayre Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Thysanoptera Slide Collection

The Thysanoptera collection comprises the records of all the slide-mounted Thysanoptera material at the Natural History Museum, London at the time of the project completion...
Larissa Welton; Louise Berridge; Joseph Deane; Daniel Hall et al. Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Ludlow Museum Fossils in Shropshire Project data

The Fossils in Shropshire project dataset includes collections data and images of geological specimens from Shropshire Museums collections. The collection is principally...
Daniel Lockett; Jacqueline Tweddle Collections CC0-1.0


Data from the CHROMREP project led by Marcello Mezzasalma (, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action. This data was used in the paper: Marcello...
Marcello Mezzasalma; Jeffrey Streicher; Fabio Maria Guarino; Marc Jones et al. Research Creative Commons Attribution


Data from the NATRICINE project led by V.Deepak (, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action. These data have been used in several papers: Deepak....
Veerappan Deepak; Natalie Cooper; David J Gower Research Creative Commons Attribution

Ordovician conodonts from Al Fleij, Oman

This dataset includes a listing of all conodont specimens illustrated from the Amdeh Formation at Al Fleij, Oman and accompanies a paper submitted to PGA on the trilobites and...
Giles Miller Collections Creative Commons Non-Commercial (Any)

Tropical Asian spiny Solanum

Specimen data used for the publication: Aubriot X, Knapp S (2022) A revision of the “spiny solanums” of Tropical Asia (Solanum Leptostemonum Clade: Solanaceae).PhytoKeys 198:...
Sandra Knapp; Xavier Aubriot Collections Open Data Commons Attribution License


Specimen data used in the publication: Knapp S (2022) A revision of Lycianthes (Solanaceae) in Australia, New Guinea, and the Pacific. PhytoKeys, in press. Abstract. The genus...
Sandra Knapp Collections Creative Commons Attribution


DNA sequence alignments for Oligodon phylogenetics
Natural History Museum Research


Aligned DNA sequence data
Natural History Museum Research

Data from the "Back to the water" project

Data from papers published as part of Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant (RPG-2019-323): Back to the water: macroevolutionary dynamics of secondarily aquatic tetrapods....
Travis Park; Gustavo Burin; Graham J Slater; Natalie Cooper Research Creative Commons Attribution

Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles - Data

An Excel spreadsheet containing the current scientific names & codes from the "Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles" by Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford. This has...
David Agassiz; S D Beavan; Robert J Heckford Citizen Science CC-BY-SA-4.0

Beetle Drawer Scans

Drawer scans of beetles from the Natural History Museums (NHM) collections. These scans are a mix of work produced by volunteers at the NHM as part of the VFactor program as...
Josh Humphries Collections Creative Commons CCZero

Lincolnshire Plants: Past and Future

Lincolnshire Plants: Past and Future (popularly known as ‘LoveLincsPlants’) is a National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) supported project in collaboration with the Lincolnshire...
Kath Castillo; Fred Rumsey; Debra Turner Collections Creative Commons Attribution

Catalogue of Meteorites

The Catalogue of Meteorites is the world taxonomic database of all meteorite falls and finds recorded up to June 2002. The first edition was published in 1847 and consisted of...
Monica Grady Collections Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

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